Elite Hearing Center, LLC offers comprehensive hearing assessments, personalized treatment plans, and state-of-the-art hearing aid fittings to ensure optimal hearing health and improved quality of life.

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation
A comprehensive hearing evaluation is a diagnostic process of determining whether a patient is experiencing hearing loss and to what degree. It is also sometimes called a comprehensive audiology evaluation. They are performed by trained providers known as audiologists.

Pediatric Audiology
Pediatric audiology is the process of using various diagnostic tools and procedures to diagnose and identify hearing disorders in children. It is performed by trained providers known as audiologists, that are both licensed and certified to carry out various tests to determine and manage hearing loss in their young patients.

Industrial Hearing Testing
Industrial hearing testing is a diagnostic process for patients who work in environments that expose them to significant noise daily. Experiencing noise over a period of months or years can lead to noise-induced hearing loss, which can be difficult for patients to recognize without regular specialized hearing tests. Trained professionals known as audiologists carry out tests to determine a patient's current hearing status and provide various treatment options to prevent the onset of hearing loss.

Hearing Aid Evaluation
One of several forms of treatment that exists for people experiencing hearing loss, a hearing aid is a specialized electronic device that can be worn either inside or behind the ear. It works by amplifying sounds, so they are louder, offering patients with hearing loss the ability to hear clearly on a daily basis. Before a patient can get fitted for a hearing aid, a hearing aid evaluation is recommended. This helps determine the amount of hearing loss a patient is currently experiencing and whether a hearing aid is necessary to manage their hearing disorder.

Hearing Aid Fitting
Hearing aids are small electronic devices that amplify sound, allowing patients with hearing loss to hear more clearly and communicate better. Not every patient with a hearing disorder will require a hearing aid, which is why it's highly recommended to receive a comprehensive hearing aid evaluation by a certified physician or trained audiologist.

Earmold and Earplugs
Earmolds and earplugs are hearing protective devices (HPDs) that help patients protect their hearing and reduce the overall risk of hearing loss. A comprehensive hearing evaluation, carried out by a trained physician known as an otolaryngologist or a certified audiologist, can help determine whether an earmold or a custom-fitted earplug is right for you.

Live Speech Mapping
Live speech mapping is a diagnostic process that's typically carried out by trained audiologists during hearing aid fittings. It is sometimes also called sound pressure level (SPL) testing. Live speech mapping checks a patient's hearing threshold levels to the amplified speech output from a new hearing aid. It can also test for a patient's loudness threshold and is a useful diagnostic tool in both hearing aid fittings and during your comprehensive hearing evaluation.

Cerumen Removal
Commonly known as ear wax, cerumen is a waxy substance produced by sebaceous oil glands located inside the ear canal. Your ears produce ear wax to protect and prevent the entry of bacteria, dust, water, and small objects into the inner ear.

Causes of Tinnitus
Commonly referred to as ringing in the ears, tinnitus is a medical condition that results in an internal sound that can be heard inside your head or from either of your ears.

Tinnitus Assessment and Management
Tinnitus is an auditory experience where a constant or recurring non-external sound can be heard in the ears or head. Also known as ringing in the ears, patients with tinnitus may sometimes experience different sounds such as buzzing, whistling, humming, roaring, or beating.

Hearing Aid Repair And Maintenance
Cleaning of your hearing aid daily is key to ensuring that your device not only lasts a long time but provides you with a comfortable and optimal hearing experience. Proper maintenance will also decrease the probability of frequent hearing aid repairs, which can sometimes be expensive.

Middle Ear Analysis
Hearing loss can occur in patients of all ages for a variety of different reasons. Damage to the middle ear, which connects the outer ear to the inner ear, can result in conductive hearing loss. Patients experiencing conductive hearing loss often listen to music or sound at higher volumes as the regular transmission of sound significantly decreases depending on the severity.

Aural Rehabilitation
Aural rehabilitation uses several forms of therapy to help improve the quality of life and daily functioning in patients with hearing loss, cochlear implants, and hearing aids. It is sometimes also called auditory therapy.

Cochlear Implant Assessment
Cochlear implants are electronic devices that help patients with severe hearing loss. They are comprised of two distinct, magnetized parts:

  • an inner receiver that's surgically implanted.
  • an external, outer ear part that helps to process speech

Cochlear Implant Mapping/Programming
Also called mapping, cochlear implant programming involves a series of appointments to help you adjust to your new cochlear implant. They are performed by trained providers called audiologists.

Professional Ear Cleaning
Buildup of earwax is common in people with hearing aids, as well as in older adults. A trained healthcare professional known as an audiologist or an ENT physician can help diagnose whether you have a buildup of earwax and require professional ear cleaning.
Professional ear cleaning, also known as a cerumenectomy, involves removing ear wax using suction or irrigation, as well as specialized instruments and a microscope to help magnify the ear canal.

Vertigo is the sensation of dizziness that a person experiences as a result of several different illnesses or disorders. For many patients, vertigo feels like their body or environment is moving or spinning without their control. Others may just experience the sensation of being imbalanced.

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