Hearing Aid Repair

Are you having trouble with your hearing aids? At Elite Hearing, we know your hearing aids are an essential part of your everyday life, and we are committed to making any repairs they may need as quickly as possible. We can repair any model of hearing aid from a number of high-quality manufacturers, including:

  • Oticon
  • Unitron
  • Phonak
  • Starkey
  • Signia
  • ReSound

Hearing aids are sensitive instruments that spend most of their time in the relatively inhospitable environments in and around our ears. While these manufacturers’ hearing aids are of the highest quality available, sometimes problems will still arise. While the issue can sometimes be resolved by a deep cleaning, most hearing aids will periodically require a repair.

Our team of highly trained specialists will diagnose the issue with your hearing aids and resolve it as quickly as possible. While most repairs can be made in house, sometimes we need to send a hearing aid back to the manufacturer. If we do need to send your hearing aid away, it may take up to 10 days for us to return them to you in fully working order.

How Do I Know If My Hearing Aid Needs Repair?

If you’re new to hearing aids, it can take a little while to become familiar with different settings and operations. It is common for new wearers to mistakenly think a repair is necessary when in fact they can resolve the issue on their own. Here are few common mistakes that often lead inexperienced hearing aid users to seek repair:

hearing aid parts

  • The hearing aid is turned off. It’s a simple mistake, but if you’re not used to your hearing aids you might not realize they’re switched off.
  • Volume is set too low. Sometimes new wearers might turn the volume down and forget they’ve done it, or it might accidentally get reduced while using a smartphone control app. If your hearing aid seems to be working poorly or not at all, always check to see that the volume is set at an appropriate level.
  • Dead batteries. If your hearing aids are rechargeable, make sure they’re charged. Sometimes if the hearing aids aren’t seated properly in the charger they may not receive any current, so always make sure the indicator light is on when you set your hearing aids up to charge. If you use disposable batteries, make sure they’re inserted in the right direction. Use a battery tester or try fresh batteries to make sure a dead battery isn’t the issue.
  • Look for wax buildup. Wax clogs are a major source of ill-functioning hearing aids. If the volume seems too low even though it’s set at an appropriate level, see if wax may be obstructing the microphone(s) or speaker(s).

If you’ve double-checked the above, it may be that your hearing aid needs repair. Call us at Elite Hearing or stop by our office in Skokie, Illinois to get a quote and see what we can do to help you.

Keep Hearing Aids Clean and Dry

It’s true what they say: prevention is the best medicine! The vast majority of hearing aid damage is caused by moisture and earwax. Cleaning your hearing aids on a daily basis can go a long way toward avoiding the need for repair. If you use disposable batteries, be sure to remove the batteries and leave the compartment open at night to let it dry out.

Many of today’s rechargeable hearing aids are significantly water resistant, but that doesn’t mean they love the water! Try to avoid getting your hearing aids wet, and if they accidentally get doused, be sure to let them dry out thoroughly.

If you tend to perspire a lot or spend a lot of time in exceptionally humid environments, you might want to invest in a hearing aid dehumidifier. These will remove moisture from your hearing aids every night while you sleep, letting them get a fresh, dry start to each day.

Be sure to do your morning bathroom routines, including applying makeup and hairspray, before putting your hearing aids in. Many bathroom products can clog the tiny holes in your hearing aids. Also be sure to store your hearing aids outside the bathroom when they’re not in use. Keeping them in the bathroom overnight can expose them to unnecessary humidity when the shower or bathtub is used, and also makes them vulnerable to accidental splashes from the sink.

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