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Why Choose Us?

Independent Private Practice

Elite Audiology Group is an independent private audiology practice.  We believe this is the best choice for your hearing healthcare needs.

There are several methods by which you can acquire hearing aids:

  • Retail franchise stores (Ex: Beltone, Miracle Ear, etc)
  • Online- Hearing Planet, Ebay
  • Local Hearing Aid Dealer (Hearing Instrument Specialist)
  • ENT Physician Office

Retail Franchise Stores- Elite Audiology Group’s clinical care is provided by a Doctor of Audiology with both the education and clinical experience to ensure you get the most from your hearing aids.

Elite Audiology Group has the flexibility to work with many manufacturers. If a new product is developed from a manufacturer that we feel will be the best product for you, we will go with that product. EAG clinical care is provided by the Doctors of Audiology, with the highest level of clinical education.

Online- You can buy a hearing aid from an online vendor, but you won’t be provided with necessary clinical services and follow-up to ensure that your devices are appropriately programmed and fit. You also will not obtain the necessary follow-up services.

Elite Audiology Group does not view the hearing aid as a purchase, but rather a process. We provide the highest level of professional service and follow-up. Our hearing aids include the following services:

  • Speech Mapping-A verification of the amplification with the hearing aid in your ears using small probe microphones
  • One to Three year warranty
  • One to Three year replacement coverage
  • Auditory Rehabilitation through the LACE program

Local hearing aid dealer- Hearing aid dealers or hearing instrument specialists can test only for the purposes of fitting hearing aids. The tests they perform are not diagnostic in nature nor are they trained to provide tinnitus care or auditory rehabilitation. EAG’s audiologist was educated and trained at Rush University, one of the top 10 Doctor of Audiology Program. His approach is more holistic than simply picking the right hearing aid for a patient.

ENT Physician offices-ENT doctors are medically trained physicians who focus on treating disease of the ear, nose, and throat primarily through medicine or surgery. Hearing aids are usually ancillary services and not the focus of their care or expertise. EAG’s primary focus is hearing healthcare and hearing aids.