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Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus Treatment

Since there is no FDA approved drug to treat tinnitus, several non-pharmalogical therapies have been developed which have been successful in treating  tinnitus.

Below are some treatments for tinnitus.

Hearing aids- For those with hearing loss as well as tinnitus, hearing aids alone may provide significant relief from tinnitus.

Hearing Aids with Integrated Tinnitus Programs -Several hearing aid manufacturers have integrated tinnitus programs which emit white noise or other sound stimuli to reduce tinnitus. These programs work simultaneously with the amplification provided by the device.

Sound therapies

Several devices have been developed that provide sound stimulation which over time reduce the perception of tinnitus.  The devices look and function similar to a Walkman or Ipod but provide sound stimuli which has been  thoroughly research and clinically shown to be effective.

  • Neuromonics
  • SoundCure