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Hearing Aids

Advances in digital technology have made hearing aids more effective, comfortable to wear, and discrete


  • Directionality- Hearing aids are able to zoom in on voices coming from one direction and minimize the amplification of noise coming from other direction. Digital processing from multiple microphones that work in sync allow this feature
  • Feedback Suppression- Digital algorithms can eliminate feedback or whisling caused by amplified sound escaping from the ear and being reamplified by the hearing aids.
  • Noise Reduction- Digital processing can reduce the amplification of background noise picked up by the microphones. This allows more comfortable hearing in noise
  • Binaural Processing- This is one of the newest feature in digital technology. The hearing device worn in the right ear communicates virtually instantaneously with the hearing aid on the left ear to maximize amplification settings in different environments.
  • Comfort- Hearing aids are lightweight and many have just a tiny dome that is inserted into the ear canal.
  • Invisibility- Several manufacturers make hearing aids that fit deeply into the ear canal and are virtually invisible.

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