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Hearing Aid Pricing

In general, hearing aids range in price from $750 to $3400 per instrument ($2400 to $6400 pair).  Current hearing aids incorporate sophisticated digital technology, similar or even more complex than what you find in a desktop computer.  This sophisticated technology along with the research and development that goes into making the devices are part of what drives the price of hearing aids. A large component of the cost of hearing aids is the professional time that goes into the programming, fitting, and follow up care.

Hearing aids vary in price depending on feature and processing.  These prices reflect as least at 30% to 40% discount off MSRP but if you find a lower price advertised somewhere, we will match it. All hearing aids include professional fitting, programming, and follow-up services as well as a 1 to 3 year warranty which covers Loss/Damage and Repair.  You also have a 30 day return period.

Elite Audiology Group Pricing Overview

At Elite Audiology Group we offer four tiers of pricing for our hearing aids. The tiers are based on the technology incorporated into the device (the engine) and not the style or model (what the device looks like).

  • Premium - $3000-$3400 per device
  • Advanced - $2200-2600 per device
  • Basic - $1600-2000 per device
  • Economy - $1000-1200 per device.