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Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

Hearing Aid Dispensing involves programming your hearing aids appropriately and instructing you in the proper usage and care of your devices.

  • Verification- Proper programming involves verifying the hearing aid amplification properties in your own ear canals. Since ears are of all different shapes and sizes, the general settings prescribed for your hearing loss, may not be appropriate for your ear.  With real ear verification we gently insert little probe tubes into your ears with the hearing aids in place and we measure the exact amount of sound being emitted from the hearing aid into your ear canal. We are able to verify the amount of amplification in your ears and make to appropriate changes if necessary.
  • Validation- Hearing can be very subjective; therefore, we objectively measure your benefit and satisfaction with hearing aids. This is done using several scientifically validated measures.
  • Counseling and realistic expectations- Unlike vision which is usually corrected instantaneously with glasses or contacts, hearing better with hearing aids is a process which may take several months to adapt. It is important to have a hearing professional guide you in this process of acclimatization to hearing aids.
  • Follow up care- Routine visits following hearing aid dispensing is essential. There are usually two to four visits schedules after being fit with hearing aids. We also include Auditory Rehabilitation as part of the post hearing aid dispensing treatment. Following that we see you every six months for hearing aid cleaning and check and yearly repeat hearing evaluations.  If you are having difficulty with your hearing aid and feel you can be doing better, we will schedule you to come in for a visit. Most follow up appointments are no additional charge